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Where can I buy your books?

Anywhere books or sold or at the links below:

Who’s your agent?

My agent is Emily Forney at BookEnds Literary Agency! (She’s the light of my life)

Will you blurb my book?

All blurb requests need to be sent to my agent, Emily Forney, at her email:

How many books will be in the Heartless Fates series?

It's a trilogy!

Will your book(s) be available in my language/country?

A Ruinous Fate will be published in several countries! For now I have only announced France so stay tuned for more!

What are your pronouns?

I use She/They pronouns!

How did you know you wanted to publish your book?

It was a gut feeling for me! I wrote many books that I knew were probably never going to see the light of day, but when I finished THE book I knew immediately it was what I wanted to debut with– the book I wanted to set the tone of my career with!

What were your query stats?

Here’s the full scope of my querying journey with the *disclaimer* that my experience was kind of an anomaly (something I explain in my youtube video on finding my agent, which you can see above!!).

First Query sent: October 1, 2020

Offer of Rep: December 7, 2020

Officially signed with an agent: December 18, 2020

Total number of queries sent: 28

Total number of full requests: 3 partials & 7 full requests from cold querying and 2 partials & 3 full requests from pitch events

Total number of offers: 2

Went on first round of submission: February 2021

Do you believe in soulmates?

Sure do, mine is Elba Luz ( <3

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